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        Company Profile

        Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd. of Dongfang Electric Corporation(abridged Dongfang Turbine or DTC) is located at National Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Deyang City, Sichuan Province. It is a state-owned high-tech backbone enterprise engaging in research, design and manufacture of large power station equipment. It was reorganized from original Dong Fang Steam Turbine Works which had been established in 1966.

        For more than half a century, DTC struggled in the years of painstaking pioneering, innovative development and system reform, achieving the great victory of post-disaster reconstruction of “5.12” Wenchuan Earthquake. It has embarked on a new journey of continuous and healthy development.

        Today, DTC’s annual core manufacture capacity exceeds 30GW and its annual total industry output exceeds RMB 10 billion. Its products cover coal-fired steam turbines, nuclear steam turbines, gas turbines, turbine retrofitting, servicing, industrial turbines, new material and new energy products, etc. The aggregated output of power generation equipment produced by DTC in the past decades has exceeded 400GW. More than one third of domestic market share is held by DTC and many products have been exported to over 20 countries and regions in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East, Europe, etc.


        • National High-tech Enterprise
        • QMS Certificate of Registration (GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008) issued by VTI
        • OHSMS Certificate of Registration? (GB/T28001-2011 idt OHSAS18001:2007)
        • EMS Certificate of Registration (GB/T24001-2004 idt ISO14001:2004)
        • Measurement Management System Certificate of Registration (CMS Sichuan [2016] No. AAA364)
        • Manufacture licence of Pressure Vessels(Manufacture licence of Special? Equipment, People’s Republic of China)
        • Design License of Pressure Vessels
        • National Civilization Enterprise
        • Advanced Unit of Ideological and Political Work of Central Enterprise
        • National Contract-observing and Credit-valuing Enterprise
        • Safety Production & Standardized Machinery Manufacturing Enterprise Class-I
        • Top 50 Enterprise of Sichuan Machinery Industries in 2016
        • Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment Manufacturing License

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