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        A New Generation of 1000MW High-Efficiency Ultra-Supercritical Air-Cooled Turbine Shows World-Leading Performance

        ? Recently, performance test for Dongfang self-developed turbine No. 2, in project of 2×1000MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired steam turbine generator in Yuneng Hengshan coal-electricity integrated power generation, has been completed by the Chinese authoritative research institution. It shows excellent indicators beyond the design values, of which the heat rate and the unit power supply standard coal consumption, the performance-critical parameters of steam turbines, have made a new break, created the domestic optimal level upon performance of indirect air-cooled million kilowatt turbines, and become a new benchmark in the field of air-cooling power generation. This is another important achievement and landmark for Dongfang Turbine, after the successful development of the domestic first million kilowatt direct air-cooled turbine generator (Huadian Lingwu Project), marking China's air-cooling power in million kilowatt field reach world-leading level.

        ? The three main equipments in this project are developed by Dongfang Electric. The turbines are supplied by Dongfang Turbine with independent intellectual property rights of the third generation of Flow Path Technology. They are the new generation of 1000MW high-efficient, ultra-supercritical, single-reheat, single-axial, four-cylinder, four-exhaust, and indirect air-cooled condenser steam turbines. Since these two has been put into operation, safety and stability of the main and auxiliary equipments are demonstrated, and indicators such as proper temperature, shaft vibration and pad temperature are extremely excellent. Up to now, Turbine No. 2 has been running safely and steadily for over 365 days, creating the best level for continuous safe operation of million kilowatt indirect air-cooled turbines in China.

        ? Air-cooling power technology is the key to solve the problem of constructing high-parameter and high-capacity coal power projects in the area of "rich in coal but short in water" in north China. With 20 years’ continuous exploration, Dongfang Turbine has achieved several key breakthroughs in this field, and obtained dozens of national patents. At present, the company, sharing more than 70% market of high-parameter and high-capacity million kilowatt air-cooled power generation, has become the most advanced supplier with the most abundant models and the biggest market share. Dongfang Turbine provides oriental wisdom for the northern area with water shortage to build high-parameter and high-capacity air-cooled equipments, and strong support for energy conservation and emission reduction, innovation and development of nation power generation.

        Extended Reading

        ? The construction of Yuneng Hengshan Coal-electricity Integrated Power Generation includes 2 sets of 1000MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired turbines. Turbine No. 1 has passed 168 hours of trial operation in October 2019, and Turbine No. 2 has passed in December 2018. Additionally, Turbine No. 2, with the highest parameters and capacity, is the world's first indirect air-cooled unit putting into commercial operation, and also the world's first “Three Towers in One” million kilowatt unit—integrating desulfurization device and low-level smoke extraction into the cooling tower.?

        ? Yuneng Hengshan Coal-electricity Integrated Power Generation, located in the town of Bolo, Hengshan District, Yulin City, constructing 2 sets of 1000MW high-efficient ultra-supercritical air-cooled coal-fired turbines, is one of the three supporting power points of Yuheng-Weifang 1000kV Ultra High Voltage AC transmission and transformation project, which is key transmission channel of the national air pollution prevention and control action plan and the world's longest 1000 kV Ultra High Voltage AC power system. The principle of project design is energy conservation and environmental protection, and air pollutants is in accordance with the "Near Zero Emissions", by using high-parameter and high-capacity air-cooled? equipments, and constructing advanced desulfurization and denitrification devices. The project has significantly promoted the loading capacity of the North China Power Grid, the capacity of "West-to-East Electricity Transmission", and the process of air pollution prevention and control in North China.

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