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        Big news: the Signing Ceremony held for 100th Industrial Turbine Unit between DTC and CCEPC in Deyang
        ??? May 8th, China City Environment Protection Engineering Limited Company? and Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. of Dongfang Electric Group (hereinafter abbreviated respectively as CCEPC and DTC) held the signing ceremony both for the 100th industrial turbine unit and deepening cooperation in Deyang, where DTC’s headquarter locates. Xiong Jingchao, CCEPC’s General Manager, and Ma Yi, DTC’s Board Chairman attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech.

        ??? Prior to the signing of the agreement, the two sides held discussions, exchanged in-depth views and reached friendly consensus.

        ??? Mr. Ma expressed his sincere thanks to CCEPC for the support to the development of DTC's industry turbine business over the years.
        ??? Ma Yi said, at present, clean and low carbon is the development direction of China's energy industry, CCEPC performing as the energy conservation and environmental protection facilities systematic solution provider and executant, brings out the best in each other with Dongfang mission “shape the future with green power”, which determines the necessary bilateral cooperation, the broad cooperation scope, and the deepening ways of cooperation. DTC will take the opportunity of signing the cooperation agreement on the 100th industrial turbine unit this time to further deepen and strengthen the relationship and friendship between the two parties, so as to more effectively promote the bilateral cooperation, leading to common development and achieving a win-win situation.

        ??? Xiong JingChao said in his speech that since the first cooperation between CCEPC and DTC in 2010, the total number has reached 100 of contracted units. Under the friendly cooperation and joint efforts of both sides, we have made remarkable achievements and good reputation in the field of clean energy power generation. We hope that the two sides will continue to follow the principle of complementarity and win-win development, continue to focus on providing more comprehensive systematic solutions in the field of energy and environmental protection, give full play to competitive advantages of both sides, and drive economic development with green power.
        Driven by the market mechanism, a new round of industrial and technological revolution is gathering momentum. This cooperation will further promote the steady and rapid development in the field of gas power generation in metallurgical industry, speed up the process of technology development highland in the field, improve the strategic position in the field development structure, booster the goal of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" in our country on the premise of realizing "green and efficient".

        Deepen cooperation and advance hand in hand from Year 2010-2021
        • 2010: Kicked off the first cooperation between the two sides on Panzhihua Steel Xichang vanadium titanium industry 40MW high-temperature and high-pressure power generation project
        • 2013: The two sides signed the first 65MW single-super reheat unit. DTC won the high recognition of CCEPC with its excellent performance, product quality and thoughtful after-sales service.
        • 2015~2016: The successful signing of 40 single-super reheat units pushed the cooperation between the two sides to a peak.
        • 2018-2020: Signed the first sub-critical reheat unit, which is the historic first unit into operation in China of this type. More than 40 units have been successfully signed from 2018 to 2020.
        • 2021: Successfully signed contract of the 145MW ultra-supercritical reheat unit with the highest inlet steam parameters and the largest single-unit power in the field of gas power generation, which marks that DTC has successfully broken through the technical problems of small supercritical reheat unit in the field, highlighted its strong research and development capability, and consolidated Dongfang's leading position in the field.
        • May 2021: The total number of industrial turbine units signed by CCEPC and DTC reached 100.

        Written by:任杰,黃飛
        Edited by:趙寶姝
        Translated and Checked by: 熊元建 鄭建

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